Junkfood Deluxe by Quentin

'Junkfood Deluxe by Quentin' in Bxl is a small burger joint in the hip Châtelaine neighbourhood offering a nice variety of tasty burgers. Not your average beef-patty-on-bun-burger but something to satisfy both the hunger of a  burger aficionado and the epicurean.

The burgers may be a bit small but that gives you the opportunity to make up a combo and taste more than one burger. These combo's will also make it easier on the wallet but lest not forget....we're talking burgers here, not Guy Savoy dishes and the check will never be painfull!

I took a Reblochon burger in combo with a Boursin chicken burger and some french fries(deepfried in olive oil) on the side. The Reblochon was a pure beef patty with melty reblochon cheese, peppery pepper sauce, frisee salad, crispy bacon and crispy onions on a brioche bun. Very good and nice combination of flavours.
The Boursin had a crispy patty of ground chicken beef with chinese cabage, fresh estragon and marinated bell peppers on a sesame seed bun. A good mouth full of fresh estragon! Yummy!

Wash it down with a cold,crisp blond Vedett or have a glass or bottle of wine from the short but filled winelist.

Have a nice dessert to finish your meal, crème brulée - chocolat moeulleux - homemade icecream......
Cost?? 2 (small) burgers, french fries and a beer = 13€. ;)

Service is like the neighbourhood, easy-going and that's no problem at all!!