Jantje van Sluis

There's a nice story behind this beer.

 The person that gave his name to this beer was Jantje, the bell-ringer of the city of Sluis. The morning after the annual city fair he overslept cause he had one or two beers more than he could handle and so no bells were sounded that morning. The Spanish troops were waiting outside the city walls, ready to attack on the first bell to sound. A sound that never came cause Jantje was sleeping off his hangover and thus saving the city from the Spanish invasion.
At least so goes the legend.......

Now, the beer:

Pour: Misty blond/golden with a firm, thick head and a lot of carbonation in the glass

Sniff: Some yeast, floral and slightly fruity scent, a small hint of vanilla

Sip: Medium taste, not very pronounced. Some slight caramel malt and an overall sweet taste. Triple style.

ABV: 8%

Brewery: Van Steenberge Ertvelde

Not bad but not super, a good blond triple that will please most people.