Veranda - Berchem

A dinner amongst foodies/foodbloggers/kindred spirits;

  • Crime scene: De Veranda - Berchem
  • Crime scene catering: Davy Schellemans&team
  • Crime scene photography: Thomas Van de Water - AKA Filet-Pur
  • Kingpins: Cookanista & Be-Gusto
  • Motive: Good food makes good people unite
  • Victims: rabbit, pig, cow,cod. All died but not without serving a good purpose, feeding our eager minds and stomachs.
Eyewitnesses :    

I'll let the beautiful pictures speak for themselves and advise you to try the Veranda out when you have the opportunity. They'll let you experience a passionate cuisine, hook you up with some top-class wines or craft Belgian beers and the bill won't be too painfull. Top experience in Berchem-Antwerp!!

Steamed egg/Dashi/Uni/Spring onion

 Pickle butternut/Butternut cream/ Mustardseeds/Bacon

Poached cod/Green asparagus/Shrimp/Savora dijonaise

Sot-L'y laisse/Radishes/Chinese broccoli/Lemon cream/Yuzu

Vichyssoise/Ginger/Salmon eggs/Mimolette/Sunflower seeds

Holstein 'Paleron' aged for 49 days/Spinach/Onion/Horse radish

Rabbit/Celery root/Apple/ Bear's garlic

Goat cheese/Passion fruit/Buttermilk/Yoghurt

Pear/Sorbet/Allmonds/Lemon cream

                          Chef Davy Schellemans @work

Sommelier and waiter Daan demonstrating his passion