I received my first Foodsterbox today in the mail and boy was I happy. I can't remember how I found out about this, in some blog I think, but I immediately liked the idea when I first read about it.

Sign in on their site and after you chose your type of subscription(1x,3x or 6x months)  you'll get your box each following month.

Now I particulary like the idea of getting something in the mail that you like/love but without knowing what it is. It's never the common goods you'll find in your local supermarket but more authentic sought out foodies stuff.
My box had the following:

* A box with 3 different chocolates on a stick to make hot chocolate
* A jar of dried Goji berries
* A jar of kiwi-apricot-pineapple preserve, made in Belgium
* A jar of grilled seeds,nuts,flowers and onions to garnish salads,soups, etc.
* A tube containing 2 vanilla pods - allready took a sniff and the fragrance was pretty intense!!
* A bag containing the ingredients to make a savoury chocolate and pineapple rice pudding. Just needs milk.

Nice idea and can't wait for next month's box!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Foodsterbox?fref=ts