Foodsterbox - part 3

Third foodsterbox was delivered, thank you Mr.mailman!!

Now what do we have in this edition?:

  • A jar of organic Bergamot honey, 250gr. Eh, for sore throats and stuff.....Sorry, I'm not a big fan of honey but maybe I can use it to sweeten a sauce.
  • A jar of 'Sel d'Alae', Hawain red salt, 60gr. Sundried salt mixed with some purfied red Hawaiian clay giving it it's red colour and delicate taste. Ideal for grilled meats and to add some colour to your dishes
  • A jar of aroma caviar, a kind of jelly pearl with rose petals aroma used mainly for decoration
  • A jar of lemon curd. A tangy,sweet cream that can be used to put on a cake or just be eaten straight from the jar with a spoon
  • A tube of mustard 'violette de Brive' made from raisin must. Pairs well with all black pudding/morcilla sausage.

    Thank you Foodsterbox and see you next month for more yummy goodies!