Bia Mara - Fish 'n chips with a twist

Bia Mara is a recent fish 'n chips store in the heart of Brussels offering fish 'n chips with a 'twist'. You won't find the common known thick battered fish and greasy, once fried chips here but a tasty interpretation of this classic.
Fresh cut, well seasoned fish filets fried golden in a panko crust. Served with plump crispy fries and a sauce of your choice. You can choose between haddock, salmon, mackerel, prawns or the catch of the day and if fish is not your thing then go for the chicken or the veggies. Pick a sauce; tartare, garlic-truffle(highly recommended!!!),lemon cajun,.... and have your chips/fries dusted with a seasoned salt (sounds odd doesn't it?) of your liking.

I had the panko crust fried red gurnard filet with tartare and garlic-truffle sauce and the chips with seaweed salt and it was delicious.
The fish had a good crunch but was still moist on the inside and that garlic-truffle sauce was simply divine! The chips were really plump but nicely cooked, crispy out/fluffy in. A slice of lemon to get a tangy kick to the fish and that's it!! Yummylicious!

Interior design is simple, mostly grey with some accents. Tables in clear wood. Urban and hipster proof! The service is friendly and welcoming.

Shortly after my first visit I returned with my wife to find the store closed and was spoken to by the owner(I think) who said that they were closed due to problems with the delivery of fresh fish. Now that is something that makes my belief/trust in this place grow. Instead of searching for a fast solution and getting some fish elsewhere and having the risk of serving lower quality they decide to keep the place closed and keep standards high, even with the loss of income. That's a decision that calls for support and I will certainly return on a next occasion!

And as they say it.....Eat more fish!!!!!!!!!



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