Ellis Gourmet Burger - Brussels ~ Burger Version 2.0

A good burger has allways been a favourite of mine but has had a bad name for so long due to the domination of Mc Donalds and Quick.

What do people think of when you ask them about a burger joint? Right! The 2 before mentioned corporate food traps that made a sport out of promising juicy big burgers but preparing cardboard dry, flattened, tasteless burgers. And what do kids prefer?? Right! The same 2 cause there they'll get a present with their meal. Evil marketing at it's best!!

Luckily there are also good burger joints around that specialize in making a good burger the name worthy.

Ellis Gourmet burger has been around for some years now in Brussels and has become the reference for a juicy burger. Since their upstart in Brussels they have opened another burger resto in Knokke-Heist and are now launching their Antwerp division. A big launch with Viki Geunes(2** 'T Zilte) and Nick Bril(3*** Oud Sluis and soon La Chapelle in Antwerp) creating a signature burger.

They offer top quality beef burgers, thick and juicy and well seasoned on a fresh craft bun. As it should!
Ellis Special Bacon
The Ellis special(100% beef patty, smoked bacon, cheddar,lettuce, red onion and tomatoe) is still my favourite. The beef patty is well seasoned and has a pure,natural beef taste, the bacon adds some smokeyness and saltyness to it and makes it a complete burger. A mess to eat but so are most good burgers!

Other burger variations are:

  • Blue cheese madness burger: Beef patty, red onion, red onion marmelade and a big chunck of blue cheese. A good combination of the salty cheese with the sweet marmelade
    Blue cheese madness
  • Funky Chicken: Chicken filet, grilled veggies, estragon mayo and parmesan
  • Guaco-waco: Lamb burger, guacamole, sweet chilli sauce
  • Rossini: With a big chunk of foie gras and onion marmelade
They also have a vegetarian option with portobello mushrooms or a fish burger with a salmon filet and even a special Meatlover burger for all you hardcore meatheads out there with meat coming from the well known butcher Dierendonck.

All this with some french fries, a cob of buttery corn, lettuce or coleslaw(with raisins, my choice) 
on the side, served with a glass of beer and I'm a happy man!

For me Ellis is the top reference for a burger but there are other places in Brussels that also serve a good quality burger:



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